Monday, June 8, 2009

Schools Out For Summer!!

Bennett, Avaree, and Maren became good little buddies after a year of carpooling for preschool together.

Colette chowing down on the good food.

When there are that many of us we can put together a good spread and look at all of the kids we produced...

We are looking forward to more fun Summer playdates!! Thanks for hosting Katherine.

Now that schools out... Baylee has already been to Lake Powell and a basketball camp, Griffin has been to EFY and I just sent them off this morning on a Pioneer Trek, where they have to dress and act like pioneers. They look so classic, especially Baylee. Too bad they are probably getting rained on as we speak and some kids from the group before them came home with the swine flu. They better not come back with that. Baylee has another basketball camp the following week and Griffin has scout camp! At least we are getting all the camps out of the way because I am going to need their help when this baby comes... which is soon!!

And the BIGGEST news of all is Jason is launching a new business! It couldn't be crazier timing with the baby and all but more details on that to come soon. Life really doesn't slow down does it? Not for us anyway! At least it's summer time my favorite time of the year!


kiks said...

please explain this pioneer yrek it an LDS thing? i'm cracking up.

what is that darling swimsuit that your girlie is wearing? i LOVE it!

Dorothy & Tony said...

Fun Pics! Avaree is way too cute in all her dance gear! I hope the kids have fun on Trek. Our youth are going next month! They probably lucked out with no heat! I think our kids are going to get it hard! It was so good seeing you at the Zoo. I agree...We will have to do something where we can talk more to catch up! If you need a nursing cover let me know I would be happy to make you one! I hope you are feeling fabulous!

summer said...

Our youth did a Trek a few years back and it was the BEST experience for them! They loved it. Baylee and Griffin will have tons of fun! And yes Kiks... it is an LDS thing. An LDS good thing!

karlin said...

Don't worry... Jason is LDS and he thinks that picture is wierd!

val said...

never a dull moment at the kessler place. i can't believe how many camps all your peeps are going to. fun! they look cute in their pioneer garb. hope they have fun and don't come home with the swine flu! ah.
can't wait to find out about your new business.