Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Weekend Wrap Up

I must be feeling the need to do as much as I can before this baby comes (or Jason is feeling the need) because last weekend we went non stop. We started with a trip to the zoo...

You can't go to the Hogle Zoo without a picture of you drinking out of a lion.

I LoVe the Zebras.

We met old friends from highschool. It was fun to catch up the best we could with all of our children in tow.

And we got rained on!
Avaree with the boys... Alec above and Jayben below.

Kids with some cats.

pretty peacock.

I'm glad Baylee came along even though it wasn't the funnest day for her.

Janessa, Melissa, Me, Steph, Dorothy, and Brooke (fellow bloggers)
We are at that stage in life... 4 out of the 6 of us are pregnant.

Later that night Jason and I went to see Land of the Lost. It was funny. You have to go to this movie expecting nothing but silliness. I don't think I'll be sitting through another movie in the theater for a while.

Saturday we met some cousins at the air show on Hill Air Force Base.

Jason grew up on Marine Corp Bases and LOVES air shows!

Those planes were going full speed as the passed each other.

It was crowded and we did a LOT of walking (I was afraid it was going to put me into labor) but it was worth it.
After the air show we went straight to meet up with more old friends for a bbq. I didn't get pictures but thanks for hosting and feeding us Cory and Katie!

Sunday we spent the afternoon as a family in the city of Vernon. I didn't know this little town existed but we packed some food, Jason and the kids hiked around, did a little fishing and we just enjoyed being outdoors.

Have I mentioned she is a tomboy?

Weston is happiest throwing rocks.

Now that's a cute fisherman.

and so is that one.

Except it's kind of hard to potty train in the wilderness...


Keri said...

i'm tired just reading about you weekend happenings! that's a lot to take in at 9 months prego - way to go! ps congrats on the company i'm sure it'll be a huge success! if you need an appraiser in the future i know a good one ;)