Monday, October 26, 2009

celebrating seventeen years

celebrating 17 =
pedicures and dinner date with jason
lunch and shopping with trevor
neighborhood trunk-or-treat
spaghetti factory with girlfriends
singing to owl city at the top of your lungs and dancing
family dinner of beef brisket, rice pilaf, rolls, and salad
opening presents
homemade banana cake and
going to the jazz/clippers game.
it was a full week!

trevor rescueing the balloons with the vacuum.
it worked thanks to allie's genius idea.


janet said...

fun, fun, fun!

kiks said...

happy birthday baylee! you really are a special girl.

on a side note- can we talk about the pedi with jas? lol

karlin said...

jason LOVES pedicures!

karlin said...

oh and janet i think we celebrated my 17th bday at the same spaghetti factory! :)

summer said...

Oh my gosh! It seems like yesterday she had her 16th birthday and we saw the CAR blog!!! Happy birthday!