Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cornbelly's with Cottrell's

My friend Katherine and I braved it...
the 2 of us with 9 kids total!
The older kids were fine.
It was the 4, 3 and under that were a little tough, particularly my 3 yr old.

yes, that cute boy has quite the attitude these days.

After all that play, we worked up appetites for burgers and fries at JCW's.


janet said...

we went to cornbelly's a couple of years ago and it was the coldest windiest day EVER! Now when I see pictures of that place, I get the chills. But it looks sunny for you guys! Sorry Weston is a pill :( No more terrible twos, but threes aren't the best either... I can't believe he's really three.

karlin said...

i've been in years past when it is freezing. this year we went earlier and it was worth it.