Tuesday, October 6, 2009

celebrating three years

we started the day off with donuts...

then we went to the dinosaur museum at thanksgiving pointe as a family. we went once when avaree was little but weston had never been. it's kind of expensive i think but it was his birthday and he wanted to see dinosaurs!

hands on stuff is the best

someone walked by and said, "how old do they think they are?"

uncle trevor teasing the kids. avaree was really frightened.

weston is even more fascinated with sharks right now than dinosaurs. he has a shark stuffed animal that he sleeps with and carries with him everywhere.

after the museum, we went to olive garden for some pasta! weston's favorite dish is mac-n-cheese.

on his actual birthday- we had another bday dinner, blew out candles, and opened presents.

avaree put her own personal touches on this gift. she had so much fun helping me pick out gifts and wrap them. she is going to love christmas this year.

POP goes the sock monkey!

if you could only hear the sound effects that went along with this picture.

hot babe!

oh and we celebrated at grandmere's too.

grand grandmere knitted the kids these cute sweaters (thank you).

i love my three year old!
now it's time to plan baylee and griffin's birthdays...


janet said...

what a way to celebrate! He is such a handsome guy!

ps cute bangs.

Uriona Family said...

Last time we went to the Dinosaur Museum Dax was afraid of the shark and had to RUN past it while holding my hand. :)

Hope you can come tomorrow.

Happy birthday Weston!!

Azy said...

Weston really is looking so grown up! looks like you had a day of fun! Franklin is also changing so much. Baby's grow so fast its insane.

Hope all is well!


Keri said...

your kids are the cutest! frakie's eyes shoot! and weston is looking so old to me, he wasn't that old looking a few weeks ago and the parade. looks like fun birthdays for both. we still need to do the aviary before we get snowed on! let's do it soon

kiks said...

i love how blonde his hair is coming from two brunette parents. that museum is so cute. my kids would freak there with the dinos and sharks. so fun.

Josie said...

I cannot believe he is already 3!!!

I haven't seen the KREW in so long. I will see you guys at the end of November though for Viviane's wedding dinner. I Love you guys!