Tuesday, March 9, 2010

8 months

i finally caught his cute smile on camera!
(he get's so serious when I pull the camera out)
his latest is he shakes his head back and forth
with his mouth wide open-like he is saying no,
and it's the cutest!
he's kind of sitting up,
he grabs his toes,
and now has two bottom teeth!
stop growing!
we love you, frankster.


kiks said...

Holy update girlfriend!!! YAY! you are alive. i got out of the habit of checking your blog in jan when you slowed down on the posts. it was ap pleasant surprise to see you guys all updated!

Frankie is so your son! you have got to do a post of your baby pic next to one of him. i bet its identical! miss you!

Tracy said...

Wow! He is growing so fast! It's crazy how fast the first year goes, isn't it?

karlin said...

i love you frankie from avaree :)

janet said...

where does the time fly?

Cathy said...

He is super sute. It's the best when they smile and laugh. I warms my heart.