Wednesday, March 3, 2010


hello to you if you are still checking in on us!!
we are alive,
life is busy.

it has been months since i can say-
my laundry is mostly caught up, my house is clean (because i paid someone to clean it today), my car is somewhat clean (because i paid someone to clean it today even though rain is in the forecast), bills are paid, 2 kids are asleep, and i don't have a basketball game, gymnastics, or a guitar lesson to run off too, or dinner to cook because i'm making jason bring home take out.

aaahh, it feels good.
i'm trying to enjoy it because i know it won't last long!

i thought i could finally get caught up on blogging but i didn't realize how much i have to do! hey, i can't be caught up on everything, right? so bare with me as i catch up on the past couple of months.

i've missed my blogging outlet.
and i told you it wouldn't last long, weston and frankie just woke up!


janet said...

yeah for updates!!! I will get busy reading.

Jared, Lindsey and Aven said...

we have struggled to keep blogging too. but we are trying!!! your pictures are insane....the way you changed the color on them. love it.

Uriona Family said...

I haven't checked in on you in a while. We have been stuck with sickness for a whole month (or more). I am glad you have a lot of new posts for me to check. Can't wait for park days so we can meet up at the zoo or Wheeler or something.