Monday, March 15, 2010

i heart mondays

gymnastics and in-n-out calls for a fun family night!
avaree has almost mastered the cart wheel and
i still can't believe we have an in-n-out in utah.
it still looks foriegn to me but we frequent it often now that the lines have died down.
it's avaree's favorite, she gets stickers and a hat everytime.


janet said...

I hate that they're all over UT because everyone is less likely to drive down here for a good cheeseburger. but I guess I am happy for all of you too :) I heard the lines in Draper are crazy. Every time I drive past the one in Jordan Landing the drive thru line is a mile long.. it's worth the wait, though.

Cathy said...

Lucky! I am still waiting for them to come to OR. We are coming to UT next week and in n out is on my list for must have's.

Newmans said...

Your kids are the cutest - I think I tell you that every time I comment! My girls love in-n-out for the same reasons :)