Tuesday, April 20, 2010

april weather

i woke up the other morning to this...

it's pretty in december but not april. i'm guessing those are deer tracks.

within 2 days, it was beautiful out! we love, love, love being able to play outside!

avaree's riding the bike she drew.

and now it's snowing again at our house. boo!

Friday, April 16, 2010

happy 26th brady!!

i love my little bro. he's probably the nicest person you'll ever meet.

thanks for the authentic mexican food, ligia.
it was delish and enjoyed by all!!

good times. we are getting old!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

have a cheerio...

or two?
(thanks avaree)


Frankie is finally taking a bottle!
I think it is so cute!
I have a new sense of freedom,
I'm paying for it though.
I've been pumping but it's not the same and
mastitis has got the best of me.
I still have a good amount of milk.
I was averaging 6 ounces. It must be skim.
He is now drinking 8 ounces.
How do you dry up??
Oh, and his x-rays are fine (I figured they would be).
He is already standing more.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

9 months on the 9th

Frankie at 9 months finally sits up!
Claps his hands and plays patty cake,
Twists his hands when he is hungry,
Clicks his tongue,
Wants to eat whatever we eat & pretty much does,
Naps and Sleeps well,
Loves his blankie and binkie (when sleeping),
Loves his family!

height: 26.4
weight: 14.5 (1 percentile)
head: 17.6

So I jinxed Franklin last month when I said stop growing because he did. He has lost weight. When I took him into the Drs for RSV at the end of February he almost weighed 17 lbs. My other 2 children had pretty much weaned themselves by now but Franklin will NOT take a bottle. The times I've tried he wouldn't take it and he'd hold out all day until I gave in and nursed him. I just figured he was getting what he needed from me and baby food. Unfortunatley he has not been getting enough. I feel horrible... have I been starving my child? He has been developing (slowly) but Weston developed slowly too. He always seems so content but is that because he has no energy? He doesn't really like to stand on his legs so they sent me to the hospital for x-rays to make sure his hips are aligned. It's been a discouraging day because I care and worry so much about his health and well being. We are starting a bottle. I'm going to fatten this boy up! He is being stubborn though...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wesley's Baptism

Jason's little brother, Wes, got baptized! It's been an awesome experience to witness his conversion to the gospel. Jason baptized him. Baylee spoke on baptism. Griffin spoke on the Holy Ghost. They both shared life experiences and bore sincere testimonies. The spirit was strong. It was a proud moment for me. Weston asked to get his swimsuit so he could go swimming in the baptismal font. He is still talking about when he gets to get baptized like Uncle Wes. We celebrated with friends and family at our house afterwards. The support was overwhelming. I served chicken chili verde and homemade lemon cake.

The following Sunday, Wes's friend, (Jason) who just returned from serving a mission in Russia confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a moment I will always remember.

Congrats Wes!
I know that you will be blessed for the decision you made to get baptized. I know that true happiness comes from living the gospel standards. We are grateful to have you as a part of our family. Thanks for letting us share this experience with you and for the example you set for my children.
The church is true!

Monday, April 5, 2010

catchin up

keep scrolling down for new posts.

Easter Weekend

We celebrated Easter by coloring eggs, spending time as a family, eating good food, focusing on our Savior, and listening to our prophet and apostles speak (all 4 sessions!). It was low key, spiritually uplifting, and just what I needed! My favorite talks were on motherhood and parenting. I have been remotivated to be a better mother, sister, and wife. Parenting is tough but it's the greatest blessing in my life. Raising my children righteously is the most important thing I can do. My testimony of Jesus Christ has grown as I teach my children about him. He was the ultimate example and I love to hear Avaree say, "I'm trying to be like Jesus." I'm grateful for the knowledge I have that I know Jesus lives and loves us.

avaree made an egg out of snow. (unfortunately)

checking out the pretty eggs one more time before bedtime.

easter goodies

the big bottle of bubbles was spilt all over my carpet the next day.
i'm still not happy about it.

we spent spring break riding the new rides indoors. (unfortunately)

frankie was happy because he got a balloon.

We hope your Easter weekend was a happy one!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

what would you steal if you could??

avaree chose a huge rhinestone bird ring.
she learned a life long lesson...
we don't steal, no matter how beautiful we think it is!
it was hard for her but she repented and returned it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

we are anxious for spring!