Thursday, March 3, 2011

bay the baller

baylee is an amazing defender.
she hustles and is super fast!

this was on senior night.
trevor attended for me because it was during jason's surgery.
i was sad to miss it.

the seniors and their tall parents

we got our picture taken with big budha at the state game.

the lone peak knights had an excellent season!
they were fun to watch and very talented-
region champs,
lost 1 game by a basket all season,
dominated most teams,
ranked 1st or 2nd in state all season,
3 of the starters are playing college ball!
they were the team to beat.
sadly, they lost their first game in the state tournament by 4 pts
to a team they had beaten twice previously in the season.
it was a huge upset and heart break for these girls!
there season was a success.
life long friends and good memories were made.
i am so proud of baylee and
her ability to compete at this level.
she worked so hard to get to where she is at.

softball has already begun.
she has games next week in the snow?
and for an exciting announcement...
baylee got into BYU!!
i love that girl.


janet said...

As always, you have lots going on! Sorry you missed Baylee's big night. How is Jason doing? Call me when you have a minute, girl.