Monday, March 7, 2011

cabin fever =

avaree creating, weston watching movies, & me needing to get out!

the other day avaree found some fabric scraps and took it upon herself to make some "baby" clothes for Gracie, her future cousin. i was amazed. they were darling. they are all 2 sided. she used staples and pins to keep them together and did it all in 30 minutes with no help or inspiration from me! she even stapled together a skirt for herself that she begged me to let her wear to school! she is so creative. the future parents loved them!

weston watching "despicable me" for probably the hundredth time.

on friday afternoon, i put the boys matching t rex shirts on and took them to the dinosaur museum while avaree was in school. we had a blast, just the 3 of us! weston likes dinosaurs right now.

and it is snowing today!

i think we are going to go to st. george this weekend if the doc okays it tomorrow.

70 degree weather sure sounds nice.


Jeff and Megan said...

We love our little baby clothes. Avaree's so talented! She'll be our claim to fame one day as a fashion designer.