Tuesday, March 15, 2011

st. george trip.

avaree & ruby

me, jackie, & baby rosa

lookin good (he has lost 40 lbs)!

griffin is cute
and so is nelly in the corner of this picture!
i didn't get any pictures of her.


the doc gave jason the okay to swim and jacquzzi, so we packed our swimsuits, shorts, and sandals and headed to st. george. the weather was perfect. our first night we stayed in a hotel. franklin missed his bed and cried almost all night. it was rough. the next day we met up with our friends, the cantarero's, to stay in their vacation home for the rest of the weekend. franklin did better having his own closet to sleep in. my kids were in heaven playing outside non stop~ swimming, riding scooters, playing at the park, making sand castles, eating popsicles, chasing lizards, buring a dead bird, going on walks and on a (mild) hike. at the top of the hike was the most beautiful sand i've ever seen. if you dug a foot down there was water. it was amazing. there was a steep hill of sand that we raced going up. i took third. avaree face planted in the sand on her way down. the last day we were there, we went to the historic jacob hamlin home. jacob was a local pioneer who made peace with the indians. avaree let everyone know that she was part indian. our family needed this get away. it was low key. we had a great time with great company! thanks cantarero's! xoxo


Tracy the GREAT said...

Yeah! Glad you could get away. Sounds like Jason is healing. I can't wait for warm weather!