Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Tradition...

My Mother passed away on Memorial Day. She was buried in her home town of Burley, Idaho. Next to her parents. The past 4 years we have made it a Memorial Day tradition to go to Idaho for the weekend and visit my Mom's grave site. It is the only time of the year that we make it up there and it is always special to be able to remember and honor her.

I love her headstone. I think it is just how she would want it... simple! Seeing her headstone is always a reality to me. This was the first year you couldn't see the marks in the grass from where she was buried.

View Cemetary is the most peaceful place on this earth to me. It is beautiful... literally in the middle of no where, nothing around for miles. I love having an excuse to go there each year. The mountains and hills are beautiful that surround it. I know there are a lot of amazing people buried there and you can feel of their goodness. I know that sounds wierd but it really is true.

This was the first year that all of my siblings couldn't make it. Jake was moving to Nebraska and Brady had to work. We missed them. It wasn't quite the same without all of us there!

All of us together, last Memorial Day. (2007)
Look how much my kids have grown, especially Weston! My Mom would have adored these two!!

I have one cousin left in Burley... Lana Gibbons. She has six beautiful kids under 11 (I think Cole is 11) She is one of those super Moms that can do it all. She has us over every year and feeds us. Thanks for your hospitalilty Gibbons. We always love being able to see you and your kids!!

We stayed in Pocatello with my Aunt Marcia and Uncle Eldon (Lana's parents and my Mom's sister) My Aunt Marcia takes such good care of us. Every meal is home cooked the way my Mom would make it and my favorite thing is her clean towels that smell just like my Moms would! My Aunt Marcia has 5 kids and 24 grandchildren and most of them live close by. It is a party being able to see all my cousins and their kids. Avaree was in heaven. She's not used to having so many little kids to play with! Weston was a little tough... he was tired and threw a few fits but we did it. Were all just still trying to catch up on sleep!

Feeding Dottie the horse
Watching the train

Petting Lexy the bunny... Idaho is a child's dream. (at least it was mine because it was the only place I visited)

Congrats to Scott and Ashley who just had twins... Alder and Pearl! I can't imagine having twins. Alder gave them a scare last week and stopped breathing. We are so glad he is doing better! We love all you wonderful Payne's!! Thanks for everything.
By the way... the past 2 years we've gone someone has gotten sick. One year all of us got the flu and we were ALL throwing up. It was horrible. Last year I got the flu. This year we did good until we got home... Griffin threw up last night. What is up with that?? We are doing good today though. Thank goodness!


val said...

That cemetary is beautiful. That's so neat that you guys were able to go and visit your moms grave and see relatives. I'm sure she is happy that you carry on that tradition.

melissa e. said...

Karlin, what a beautiful thing. I wish I could have run into you in Idaho this weekend. Wasn't it so preety and green? Even with the rain. It must be bittersweet for you to visit there each year. What a great tradition. I love the pictures.

It must have something to do with that state! I was sick this past weekend too. Had to stop at my sister's on the way home and I spent about an hour in her bathroom! Yuck.

karlin said...

Melissa... that is so funny because we always joke about it being the "State." Jason always says if we get sick this trip I am not going back to Idaho. We stayed in a hotel our first couple of trips and never again. Small towns just aren't that clean.

Amelia said...

What an amazing job you are doing raising that family. I am in awe.

Tristie and Dax said...

So neat to be able to do this every year. Your Mother's grave is beautiful. We have something in common. My sis passed away on Memorial day too, 7 years ago. I am still trying to post about it. You did a beautiful job. Thanks, Kar.

janet said...

Karlin.. Can I just say that I LOVE your blog. It makes me feel like we actually are next door neighbors. Even after talking with you on the phone about Memorial Day, I didn't get the full picture until I saw this post. I LOVE THE PICTURES. Her headstone is beautiful and it looks so peaceful there. I cried when I read this. I am so proud of you and all that you are doing to make sure your family stays together and remembers your mom because she was such an incredible woman. Your kids will know how important she is to you as you keep this tradition. The scenery is gorgeous and I am so glad you didn't get sick this trip!! Love you all!

Cathy said...

Karlin, that's great that you have started and kept that tradition. Her headstone is beautiful. Your Mom was a great lady! I am sure she is looking down on you with a smile and gratitude for all the good things you and your family do.

DEE said...

This is cool! I totally forgot your Mom was from Burley. That cemetary is rad, and I love that you feel the same way about that place that I do!

I go up there all the time, so if you guys are ever in the mood to go up and get a little flu- give me a call and we'll jam to burley and pick up a virus! Ya just gotta love it anyway though huh?

karlin said...

Wait... Danielle... you go to Burley all the time? What for? Family?

Francine said...

Your post made me cry. I just love your mom so much and know she is so proud of the incredible job you are doing with your family and hers.

becks said...

just so you know, I am STILL crying! it's so wonderful that you make it up to her grave every year and that you have that time together. i love that your younger siblings and your kids are making traditions to remember your mom.