Sunday, May 18, 2008

My week last week

*Attended Griffin’s choir concert * Drove Griffin to Kaysville for an ortho appt... worth the drive though because we have the best orthodontist! (my cousins’ husband) *Met cousins for lunch afterwards *Cleaned my house *Shopped for Spring clothes… it is finally getting warm and Baylee, Avaree and I both only had 1 pair of shorts * Did laundry *Washed my car *Registered my car (because I got pulled over and my plates expired in December... oops!) * Attended Baylee’s Awards Ceremony… she got a 4.0 for 3 straight years! *Took Avaree to gymnastics *Drove Baylee to open gym for basketball *Met old friends at the Zoo *Helped Baylee and her friends get ready for their BIG 9th grade dance at our house *Got ready for Jason’s sister and her family to come to town for the weekend *Yard work (okay Jason did it) *Skipped out on a softball meeting for Baylee (I had too much!) *And Grocery shopped… but who has time to cook these days??

Griff's choir concert (He is on the front row in the green shirt. He said he wore the green shirt because he wanted to STAND OUT.) By the way... we are not singers, this was required. Griffin does have a high soprano voice though these days!

Cousins lunch

Susie, Emily, Angie and I. I have the BEST cousins EVER! Thanks for the great lunch... I admire each of you.
My little gymnast

Baylee getting her award. I was so proud of her. She better keep it up during Highschool!

4.o all 3 years!!

THE ZOO (sorry for all the pics)

We all went to highschool together and most of us have been reunited through blogging. So fun to see everyone again! Danielle was MIA for the picture.

Avaree loved it. When we arrived at the Zoo she started giggling. If you ask her what her favorite animal was... she will say "all of them." My kids LOVE animals! Weston called each animal a dog and threw a FIT when I took him away from the elephants. I guess I should take them more often. (easier said than done)

Pretty girls all ready for the dance... this is only the beginning...

And I thought life was going to slow down?? Not yet anyway.


Janessa said...

That was so much fun. I wish we could have gotten to visit a little more. we will get together again.
That is awesome that Baylee has done so good in school. Wow!

janet said...

What a WEEK! And I actually thought you could break away to come visit me! Ha! Love all the pictures.. you got some great ones of the animals! My boys loved them. Wish we could have joined you.

and WAY TO GO Baylee! She is such an awesome lady! Good luck with family in town and your mom in law moving next door! fun, fun, fun.

DEE said...

You got GREAT pictures! I'm sad that you guys wouldn't let me in the pics :)

Baylee is RAD, and beautiful. Crazy to see her as a grown up woman, when she used to be the tiny little girl watching us hoop it up!

So fun to see you!

Amelia said...

Cute pictures, I love your little gymnast Avaree!

Di said...

I don't think you will be slowing down with 4 kids any time soon :) I love professional pictures... yours turned out great!