Monday, May 19, 2008

Love it when the Greens come to town!!

Audrey and Avaree are best friends and cousins. They play non stop when they are together. I'm so glad Avaree has a special cousin her age. Some of my best childhood memories are playing with my cousins.

Paulette and John... 2 of our BEST friends. Jason and I lived with Paulette and John the first year we were married. (Paulette is Jason's older sister) We are forever grateful to them for letting us live with them and we cherish their friendship and the good ol Southern California days!

Linda, (Jason's Mom), Wes (yes, Wes is back!?), and Ed (Linda's husband) They are officially Utahns now and our neighbors!

Grand Grandmere and Pere. This is Jason's Moms' parents. They live in Northern California and they came to help Linda get moved in. Grandmere is the hardest worker you've ever seen. (I wonder where Linda, Paulette, and Jason get it from) She has been unpacking, organizing, cooking, and playing with Grandkids non stop. Thanks Grandmere for keeping us all fed with such great food and for playing with my kids!

Jason's 3 loves... fishing, his little girl, and

his little boy!

It was an ideal weekend. The weather was awesome and we spent it hanging out with family and eating lots of GOOD food. I didn't have to lift a hand in the kitchen for 3 days. Thanks to Grandmere! We played a good game of kick ball at the park one day. (family tradition, which I am still sore from) and we spent a day at the lake... having a picnic, fishing and relaxing in the HOT sun! Avaree bawled when we had to say good bye. We miss you already and can't wait to see you again!!

Thanks for the good times.


janet said...

That picture of Jason and Avaree is SO darling! That needs to be framed in your house.

glad the weather was cooperative when family came into town! Paulette is as cute as ever! And Wes is back??

Sunny said...

Looks so fun! Tell everyone hi for me!

Tracy said...

You sure can see the family resemblence between those two cousins in that first picture!