Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

We took our boat out on Saturday for the first time of the year. We were on our way to Yuba Lake when we passed a small resevoire in the small town of Mona that we decided to try. It was nice. It was small and not busy and the weather was beautiful! Finally!

Avaree did so well. Jason pulled her on the tube and she kept yelling faster, faster! Jason said he drove her faster than he was driving Baylee last year. She is a brave one.

Baylee had a basketball tournament and Griffin had a scout camp so it was just us and Jason's brother Wes and his friend.

Weston wasn't too sure about it all. He cried when Jason got him in the water and he cried especially hard when I tubed and wakeboarded.

Eating some licorice.

Me wakeboarding... I love water sports, not that I'm any good. My main problem is I am always so sore afterwards.
Sunday morning. This is what I've been waking up to lately... Avaree in the crib with Weston, with 3 bins of toys. And according to Avaree, she is wearing a party hat!

My Aunt Nada and Uncle Richard have been called to be mission presidents over the San Pablo Phillipines Mission. Their farewell was on Sunday. They have 7 children and 30 grand children that they will be leaving behind. Amazingly all their children are active in the church and beautiful. I'm not exaggerating either. They have the best looking group of grand children! I've always admired and loved the Anderson family. I hope to raise a family like theirs one day. I'm so grateful for their wonderful examples.

My cousins put together a wonderful lunch afterwards. This is a picture of all my Mom's siblings in order... Kaye, Karma, Marcia, Nada, Elma, and Glade. My Mom was the youngest and would have come after Glade.

Later that day we headed over to Jason's Mom's house for a Father's Day dinner. (It was a nice Sunday for me because I didn't have to do any cooking.) Avaree and Weston were fighting over this bike but we figured out a solution!

When did this boy grow up? All of the sudden he is big! Sitting up at the table, climbing up and out of everything, and talking up a storm and some words actually make sense. He is obsessed with Jason. Whenever Jason is home all he wants is his DAD.

This was Jason's father's day present. His own fridge stocked with his favorite drink. (I'm going to get some healthy drinks too). With a house full of people ALL the time it is hard to keep our fridge stocked with good drinks because they will be gone in a day. Now Jason can have his own, well deserved stash. I'm so grateful that Jason is such a wonderful father to our children and my siblings. He is so unselfish and would do anything for us. We are lucky. Happy Father's Day Jason!!


lyn said...

I love your brown dress! BTW, I'm right there with Jason and the Dr Pepper, only mine is Diet! :)

kim said...

You have some dang cute kids! I agree water sports are the best. Tell Trevor Happy Late Birthday.

the Johnston's said...

Okay so when you mentioned Weston cried when you wakeboarded, I was thinking, this is crazy! Because I did the same thing when I was his age. When my mom and dad were water skiing, I would be bawling in the boat! All I can say is, "I know what you're going through Wes". That's funny...I think for me I thought my mom and dad were getting hurt or something. LOL!

karlin said...

Steph... that must be totally normal for children that age because Avaree cried a couple of years ago too just not as bad as Wes and everyone time someone would get back on the boat she would say... "you okay?"

DEE said...

Looks Like FUN!! I had the same crib that you have- but Ijust gave mine away after my miscarriage got me all worked up...Good idea with the fridge!

Jen and Jeremy said...

I had no idea that Glade Hatch was your uncle!! I grew up in his ward. How did I not know that??

the Johnston's said...

That is really interesting, huh? I wonder what it is about it...