Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lake Mead w/ the Wright's

Baylee had a basketball camp in St. George last week so we picked her up on Thursday night and headed to Lake Mead for a weekend of boating and fun in the sun with the good ol' Wright family.

Avaree was so excited to take a trip. She packed her own suitcase of goodies for the drive. She looked so grown up pulling it around. It was really cute. (this picture was taken at 2 am when we got in!) We stayed at the Hacienda Hotel right by the lake.

We spent 2 days in the HOT sun, boating, and playing on the beach. The water was warm and glass most of the time (nice for learning wakeboarders... Baylee and Griff both got up for a second and I learned to get a little air going in and out of the wake. I was excited but I'm paying for it this week... every muscle in my body aches.)

Aspen and Bentley Wright

Fran and I

The cute kiddos

That's how we pee at the lake. (Av bottom corner)

Baylee... almost up.

Bay and Griff

Bay and Av

These 2 couldn't get enough of eachother

Thanks Wright's... it was a blast! Let's do it again.


Brooke said...

How fun that you could go with Fran's family. Looks like a great time, and Avaree and Aspen look like two peas in a pod!

Jana said...

You are amazing...you are always on the go! How fun for your family to go boating! And you must tell me how Weston does on the boat and in the water. Where did you get that lifejacket for him and do you feel he is always safe? I can't wait to catch up w/ you tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

did you say "do it again"? how is tomorrow for you guys? it was so fun. next time we need to do mandalay buffet, and some shows.


summer said...

Man that looked like fun!!! You are so tiny in your bathing suit. Speaking of... you asked where I get most of mine and one of my favorite places to purchase them is TARGET!!! Now, when are you heading down here for a little trip?

Sara Decker said...

You are always doing fun stuff with that big group of yours. HOw fun. We are off to St. George tomorrow and then up past you guys to Preston Idaho. Wish we could see you, but we will be in the car with all of my family. Hope to see you soon.

Di said...

I get so sore boating too (but that's because I can never get up). Your pictures make me want to go to the lake even more :) Fun!

kennyandkristin said...

Looks like you had fun. I love all the pictures, you are so much better at updating than Francine. I am always bugging her about updating so I am glad you are awesome at it. Very cute!!!

janet said...

I hate looking at these pictures! but only because I love you and your families! cute, cute pics!

Francine said...

It's always a good time with the Kesslers. We love your family so much and look forward to many more vacations together as we grow old.