Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Last weekend we headed on a quick road trip to Vegas with our friends Adam and Francine. Adults only. It was a nice break.

Jason driving in woman's sunglasses. He forgot his.

We hit up the buffets for the crab, shrimp, and prime rib. Jason ate both our moneys worth. My favorite part was the desserts. (My face is looking way prego in this picture.)

Fran and I matching. Notice the baby bump?

Adam taking pictures with their new fancy camera.


We had some arcade fun while waiting for our movie to start. We went and saw Taken. It was intense.

Fran and Adam won us last second at this game. Not good for our competitive nature.

Our dear friend, Janet, lives in Vegas. It was fun to see her, her new house, and her cute new glasses! Her and Aaron joined us for a night on the town. It was real exciting... we waited in line for a buffet for almost 2 hours. Way too long for this pregnant woman and my hypoglycemic husband. At least we got some good talking in while we were waiting.

More crab.

Girls will be girls.

It's always fun to come home and see these cute faces! They were in pjs when I got home but for some reason they both took their clothes off and were pretending to be puppies. Avaree said, "Mom we are Las Vegas dogs!" What?!


that's what janet said said...

that post shouldn't make me sad, but I hate that you are already gone! It wasn't enough!!! and I am not so sure about that close up of me... I guess it's better than my profile picture, though.

Anyway, love you girls! Love Adam's dirty hands... and the Las Vegas dogs comment sounds JUST like Avaree. so cute~

that's what janet said said...

ps the first picture of Jason is hilarious. he looks so great in women's accessories.

Di said...

That's awesome you're pregnant. And you must be feeling good if you went on a fun trip to Vegas. You have the cutest little belly.

Tracy said...

What a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

nice picture with the chipendale dancers. next time me and adam will get our pics with some hot strippers

that's what janet said said...

is that jason who commented anonymously? you know those men are just begging to take pictures with strippers. too bad we didn't get one with the men and that girl in the parking lot wearing her string bikini.. and it was COLD too!

Brooke said...

Sounds like a fun trip! And your little pregnant belly is adorable. Are you finally feeling better?

Francine said...

We had so much fun with you! I'm glad we were able to do it. We're game for eating piles and piles of crab with the Kesslers in Vegas anytime! Well, maybe we should leave the piles and piles of crab to Adam and Jason.

val said...

how fun. wish we could have joined in. we are big crab fans too but i like matt to get it out of the shell for me...much cleaner that way.
cute photo of janet and karlin your bump is so cute. are you feeling ok these days?
work it jason in those glasses!

karlin said...

I'm the same way Val. I hate getting it out of the shell. You guys will have to join us next time!