Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jason's 31st Birthday!!

Jason turned 31 on the 21st. His day didn't start out too HOT. He woke up early to go work (of course) at his LEAST favorite job where everything goes wrong and then got pulled over and the cop was a JERK! He gave him tickets for every possible thing he could come up with including driving on an expired license because his license happened to expire on his birthday. I don't think the ticket is even legit. Shouldn't his license expire after the 21st? Needless to say it wasn't a fun start to the day but we ended up having a good time celebrating with family 2 nights in a row.

Jason's Mom hosted a birthday dinner for him on his birthday.

Viv and Nathan. My kids are the only little ones around so they LOVE all the adult attention they get from all their aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

These pictures just remind me of how much we need to see the sunshine. You can tell we've been cooped up in the cold for the last 4 months. However it did warm up a little this week and the snow has started to melt!

I know I've said this before but Avaree loves to celebrate. She wrapped up random things from around the house all by herself to give to Jason.

This present was a bag of goodies all mixed together... gold fish, trix, cinnamon bears... yum?

Avaree's thoughtful presents and pictures.

Grandmere gave gifts to the grandkids too, which really made their nights.

Jason's fam

Troy, Loni, and Tate Domina (friends, cousins, neighbors, and employee)

Jason looking good in his new suit!!

On Sunday night I had Jason's Dad's side of the family and my siblings over for dinner and cake to celebrate.

Jason got to blow out candles twice. He deserves it. He is such a good husband, Dad, brother-in-law, friend, boss, and son! He loves his family and works so hard to support us. We are so grateful to have him in our lives! It's crazy to think that Jason and I have been together since he was 21. Now he is in his 30s. We love you Jason!!


Dorothy said...

Happr Birthday to your Hubby!! The nerve of some cops, seriously leave it to them to ruin a great day. He should have just gotten a warning. Cops don't usually give tickets for that unles your are at least a month expired! Jerk!!! I am glad it ended off happy. You guys look like you had great time. Your Family is too cute!!! Hope you and the fetus are feeling great!

Jared, Lindsey and Aven said...

Jason....happy birthday bro!! 31....dang dude...time flies. sorry about the cop. what an a$%, especially on your birthday of all days. Im sure universal health care, higher taxes and free tax returns for illegals will make you feel better. so now you can rest easy. Right?.........

kiks said...

that comment above is too funny. lovin the republicans these days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAS!! so fun to see all those familiar faces. What a fun couple of days.

Tracy said...

That's really lame that he got a ticket on his birthday!

summer said...

Happy Birthday Jason! We are sending up LOTS of love and goldfish for your special day!! xoxo

Francine said...

Happy Birthday Jason! Look'in good in your new suit. I love that pictures of you two. Karlin, your belly is so cute.

I loved Avaree's presents to Jason. She gives you the best material to write about . She's so entertaining! I love her!

Hope everything is good with you. I miss you. I feel like we haven't talked in forever.

Tracy the GREAT said...

Hope he had a great birthday! When can I have your kids over to play?