Friday, February 13, 2009

Eeew Poo Again

I was really going to spare you the details on this but after weeks of battling it, I'm at wits end! Over the summer Weston started playing with his poo so I've been putting onsies on him ever since and they worked for 7 months or so. In fact you would think he would have grown out of this little phase by now, but NO! He has figured out how to takes his pants off and go in through the side. I know, gross! Please don't be disgusted by my son. He is very clean especially because he is averaging 2 baths a day. I just don't know what to do anymore... he feels bad, always says sorry, and I've even been trying cold baths to scare him but it's like he can't help himself. I think we need professional help. He is very quiet about it too...

notice the pants on the ground

I should probably start potty training him but I know he's not ready and if I start too soon I'll really be cleaning messes all day! We will see if a little tape will work for now. As you can see, he's not too happy about it.

He must be in the terrible two's because in the last few weeks I've cleaned...

~fruity pebbles everywhere,
~little red decorative, styrofoam balls that were in a vase were dumped all over my front room, entry way, and office. They were such a mess. I couldn't even sweep them. I had to vacuum them up and I'm still finding little balls. They are so tiny that Weston sneezed after and out came 2 little red balls from each nostril. He had stuck them up his nose and if he didn't sneeze I would have never found them. He has a small nose too.
~while we were in Vegas, he dumped baby powder all over himself, his room, and every toy. I am STILL cleaning baby powder too. Everything is dusty and baby powder is stuck in every little crevice of his dump trucks.
~POO everyday.
~Not to mention he runs away all the time. We lost him at a big movie theater over Christmas time. Probably the scariest moment of my life. I actually dreamt about him running away all last night. He'll even escape outside in the COLD snow!

I know it must sound like I don't watch him closely but I do (he is napping right now). And it only takes a second. It usually happens while I'm switching out laundry or preparing food. It doesn't help that Avaree is the instigator of some of the disasters but I am going to see my Dr. today because I can actually handle cleaning messes... it's the tantrums that are killing me. He can be so sweet one minute and so angry the next. I'm sure he will grow out of it. He is 2 and a boy and strong willed. I'm just trying to be consistent with how I handle it and love him but I'm open to suggestions!!


summer said...

Nothing is worse to clean when you are pregs! I had two of these incidents last week and almost cried! I know it is probably both our times to start potty training...

P.S. You are adorable with your little prego belly! When do you find out the sex?

Janessa said...

Good luck with the poo. I don't have any ideas. Maybe you can tape oven mits to his hands too. Would he understand if he had to clean it up? Jayben has a sensitive gag reflex so poop, even the smell gets to him.

that's what janet said said...

I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the tape... and the fact that he's so mad about it! Oh, that's hilarious.

I don't know what to tell you. Just keep documenting it and when he's older bring out the pictures every time a cute girl comes over. that'll teach him!

kiks said...

I'm not even pregnant and that would make me sick. I can tell you though that my mom would put underware over my brother's diapers and duct tape them. It worked until he was potty trained.

btw- you have the cuttest pregers tummy ever! what are you having?!

Francine said...

Did you give him the cold showers with his clothes on?

I'll keep thinking.

Dorothy said...

Karlin...Not gonna LIE! It is so good to know that you are dealing with the terrible two boy thing! I cant tell you how many hairs I have pulled out! I have found my phone in Zion's diaper, his socks in the disposal, nesquick spread all over the living room, jumping on the sacrament table in the middle of sacrament are just a few things. But trust me it does not end there. About the poop thing. My friend had the same problem. She went and got toddler sleepers that zip up. And placed a saftey pin under the zipper when it was fully zipped so he could not unzip it. If that doesn't work, I know it seems harsh but try putting it on him backwards. I have heard that it helps because they hate it! Good Luck with everything toddler poop and pregnancy don't really mix!

Tracy said...


I've definitely dealt with this problem with my kids in the past, but not very frequently. I can see why you are frustrated.

I looked this up in one of my favorite Behavior Modification Psychology books for you. This is what they said:
1."Playing with feces usually occurs when a child is one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half years old and is fascinated with body functions. Considered in this manner, the enterprise is quite normal and just one more exploratory behavior. Playing with feces at this age is a natural occurrence that is likely to pass if you don't overreact."

2. The advice given for a child who is not toilet-trained yet is:

"Assess your child's level of readiness for Toilet-training as this may be sign that he is ready."


"Prevent other occurrences by placing your child in clothes that are difficult for him to take off by himself and check him more frequently during nap-time."

3. "If your child seems to really want to play with messy stuff, provide that opportunity. Get out a plastic apron and some wax paper and let your child finger paint with chocolate pudding."

I hope this helps! Hopefully, the stage with pass soon. Sorry for the long post. The name of the book is "Good Behavior Made Easy" by Garber & Spizman. It's an awesome book. It has everything in it and you can get it on Amazon.

karlin said...

Thanks Tracy! That was awesome advise. Your the best. So far the tape has worked and I'm monitoring him closely. He has been a lot better this week. I did take Weston to the Drs on Friday and he basically told me... he's 2! I think I'm pregnant and was just feeling overwhelmed but like I said we are doing a lot better this week!

Brooke said...

Is this what to expect in the next few months... pretty funny. Good luck. - Phil

The Whites said...

boys are crazy!! it's funny having boy/girl twins and watching how much more naughty dreydan is then delaney! it's amazing the things they can get into!! good luck!!

and congratulation on another boy! ;)