Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Night @ the Grizzlies Game

  • Monday nights is buy an adult ticket, get a child in free
  • good seats
  • not crowded
  • kids stayed entertained (for the most part)
  • and $1.00 concessions!!

I love spending time with my family!


kim said...

Good to know about Monday night Jazz games. I laughed so hard reading about Westons crib problem. Thank you for sharing that. It is good to know other moms have sometimes just had it. Baylee and Griffin are so cute, it is still hard to believe they are so old.

that's what janet said said...

fun. fun. fun. griffin has quite the smile. are those braces ready to come off? avaree's puffy vest is so cute and weston's eyelashes are to die for!

karlin said...

fyi... that was a Grizzlies HOCKEY game. The Jazz will never offer that kind of deal. I wish!

Jan... Griffin will probably get his braces off this fall. He's so cute for being in the awkward teenage stage and funny you mention Weston's eyelashes because I was literally just looking at him as he was eating his breakfast thinking he has pretty eyelashes!

kiks said...

$1.00 concessions? what a bargain! Looks like a fun night.

Tracy the GREAT said...

Is Griffin taller then Baylee? Looks like a fun time, Nate's been begging us to take him to a game...