Tuesday, February 8, 2011

back surgery

We are in Logan, Utah right now. 2 hours away from home. Jason is having another back surgery tomorrow morning. We found out in August that his fusion in 2008 didn't work so they are redoing it. Replacing old hardware, removing cages, removing a growth on his spinal canal, replacing bone (that had disinegrated), going in through the back, the front, and back again. Six hours in surgery, a week long hospital stay. Scared, nervous?? Yes, very much so!

Thanks to my family and friends who are helping at this time of need. Frankie is in Kaysville with my sweet Aunt Karma (my Mom's sister). Baylee, Griffin, Avaree & Weston are at home with my cousin, Lana, who just had her 7th baby a month ago!

We are so blessed. Please keep us in your prayers. I will give an update sooner than later. I'm praying that everything will go well. We need it too. We have had some rough years dealing with chronic pain.

Here goes...


janet said...

Love you!! I am feeling a bit sick about it all. Wish I was there for you and your kids right now.

Tiffany and Greg said...

That is scary! WE had no idea! We will keep you in our prayers for sure!