Friday, February 18, 2011

wind, wind go away

i've been homebound this week-
literally in sweats all day, every day,
and it's been windy.
i thought our house was going to blow away.
in fact part of it did.

i also continue to be "blown away"
by all the christ like people willing to serve our family!

franklin's latest is he escapes to my bathroom every chance he gets to play in the water.
i caught him this morning combing his hair.

as for an update on jason-
he is doing good.
back surgery is a slow recovery & i'm trying to remind him of that.
he gets anxious to work & be productive.
we have our post op on tuesday the 22nd,
and then we will go from there, slowly.



Cute pics..sorry to hear about your husbands back..hope he recovers fast. Who took your family pics..loved them. Your kids are getting big. They are adorable.