Monday, February 21, 2011

happy birthday jason

jason is 33 today and recovering from back surgery #3.
it's not the first time he has spent his birthday laid up from a surgery.
he had his acl replaced a couple of days before his 25th birthday,
little did we know that there would be many more surgeries to come in a short time.
this man needs to take care of himself,
he is still young!
i just came across these pictures on my phone.
i had forgotten about them.
they are classic jason.

for a while there, date nights for us consisted of dinner out and then grocery shopping.
that's how exciting our life is.
(it's a lot funner and quicker to grocery shop with him and not 3 kids!)
we walked into walmart and his job was to get the cart.
i turned around to look for him and i could not see him anywhere.
i couldn't figure out how i could lose him already.
how hard was he to find? a big bald guy in a striped sweater.
little did i know, he was right in front of me.
i'm used to looking up for him, never down.
when i finally saw him, i could not stop laughing!
he looked so funny in that cart and i did not expect it!
he took the role seriously too and we got all our shopping done.
it was weird being taller than him for once
but we were totally legit.
we couldn't get in trouble because he really does need one for his bad back!
i think the shopping was much more enjoyable for him that evening. he made it enjoyable for me too!

jason is one of a kind with a great sense of humor.
he makes me smile everyday.
i found this taped to my garage door yesterday as i left for church.
(even with his lack of mobility)

i love you, j!
thanks for being you.
happy birthday!!


janet said...

These pictures made me laugh so hard! Jason cracks me up! Happy Birthday to your funny guy!

and dido on grocery shopping together. it's SO romantic!