Sunday, February 20, 2011

caught up

i'm actually caught up on blogging!
i think i've been playing catch up for a year.
2010 was not my favorite year.
i think that was why i was so slow at documenting it,
but i'm so glad i did.
it's amazing how you can go through a slump,
and life goes on and you continue to learn and grow and become better.
i'm thankful for this online journal of mine.
i had fun looking through my old posts at the hospital one night.
i can't get over how much my kids are growing right before my eyes.
sometimes it takes pictures to notice because i am with them day in and day out.
i truly cherish these moments from the past,
and the opportunity i have to raise them (even on the hard days).
i'm still praying for jason's health to improve so he can enjoy this journey with me!


kiks said...

honestly karlin, everday at some point is a 'hard day'. i havn't lived an easy parenting day in years. it's part of the teritory when having so many little ones. 2010 was the hardest year of my life. i'm so glad that year is over too. Coco as a newborn, c-section recovery, loosing my best friend and watching family members suffer major life changing trials... here's to 2011!

Ness said...

Good luck! I hope 2011 is better for you.