Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 wheeler

i don't think she could have been more ready... we were all out doing yard work and uncle wes was over so he took off avaree's training wheels for us and away she went! i literally looked over and she was riding her bike! she is loving it and now asks to ride her bike daily.

she also lost her other front tooth, finally! it was loose for months and she was constantly wiggling it so i was glad to see that tooth go. she accidentally dropped it in the grass. the tooth fairy still came just a couple days late... that tooth fairy can be forgetful.


Tracy said...

We must have the same taste in kids clothes because it seems like every time I check your blog I see Avaree wearing some dress, shirt (or in this case, pyjamas) that one of my girls owns as well. Usually it's something from Target or Costco! I can't live without those 2 stores!