Sunday, June 5, 2011

grandma's birthday

my sweet grandma turned 81. she lost her husband last month at the age of 97. she happily cared for him for many years in his old age. she is always thinking of others and has an amazing legacy... over 50 grandkids and 40 great grand kids! we celebrated her by having a picnic and parade. the great grand kids showered her with homemade gifts and flowers. it was a beautiful day.

p.s. keri- you need to get more cupcakes for our next outing! i am craving them especially after seeing these pictures!


kiks said...

hello old friend! you have been one busy mama!! i love that you blog so that we can keep in touch. are you coming down to OC this summer at all? we are headed to see j & p for the 4th.

oh, and i have no idea why our playlists are lame now but i might switch to the one summer has.

Steph said...

Just catching up on some of your posts! Love them esp mem day tradition and the rainbows--how sweet! hope you're doing well!