Friday, June 10, 2011

sports class/ toe injury

this was our third and final sports class at the little gym. weston has loved it! he has quickly figured out, "that preschool is boring and hockey is fun." uh oh, i have a feeling school is going to be harder for him than avaree. he asked daily if it was "wednesday, hockey day?" weston is not shy at all but he was being kind of shy on graduation which surprised his teachers! for graduation all the parents come in and line up to watch as each child shows off their skills and the parents clap and cheer. well frankie made a run for the "stage" and as i was chasing after him i stubbed my toe on the leg of a little balance beam and it dropped me in front of everyone! the whole audience, oohed and aahed for me. it was awful not from the embarrassment but the pain. i really think i fractured my toe. it's been weeks and i'm still in pain. i could hardly walk the first week after. what a sad way to start summer! the day it happened we came home, i put franklin down for a nap and put on a movie since i couldn't do anything else. we watched a newer version of "where the red fern grows" and weston bawled his eyes out over the dogs dying. he was so sad, it made me cry. i wish i had it on tape for jason to see. he could not even catch his breath in between sobs. he is such a tender boy when it comes to animals! i love you west.