Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy late Birthday Jake!

My big brother, Jake, turned 30 on the 27th of March. I am late posting about it because my camera died at his party. (Thanks for the pictures Ligia) Jake's girlfriend, Angela, threw a party for him. She made Cafe Rio burritos that were yummy. She had the whole place decorated and yes, we are nerds... we wore party hats and hit a pinata. My kids loved it and so did we! It was so nice to have someone else host for a change... Thanks Angela!

Jake has the biggest heart! He is a kid at heart too (he loved every moment of his big boy birthday party!) He is very thoughtful and truly does love his family and traditions.

Brady and Trevor (my other brothers)
Av, showing some leg (she did have tights on at one point)

Hitting the pinata (in Jake's unfinished basement)

I look hilarious! I'm not even close but I swung with all my might. We had some good laughs watching each other swing at the pinata or the air I should say.

Thanks for the fun party! We loved every minute of it. We love spending time together (all of us kids, no adults!) We love you Jake and hope you had a Happy 30th!


Francine said...

The picture of you swinging at the pinata IS hilarious. I love it. It's so fun to see all of you together having such a great time. Happy Birthday, Jake!


Its nice to see some pics of Jake. Havent seen him in a long time. Looks like he is doing well!!