Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My 18 month old

Weston's 18 month statistics... Height: 31" 25th percentile (used to be 50th)
Weight 23 lbs 10th percentile (same)
Head 18.5 40th percentile (Which went down too. He is finally growing into his head)

This boy CHOWS down bananas all day long. He just shoves them in his mouth, which means he is really regular. Fun for me! I seriously have to hide the bananas. And, he ran into the corner of my bed! Ouch! The bump has gone down now but the mark is still there. I wonder if it will ever go away??

Always getting into something... including my make up. (just because he sees me do it)

He went through a month there where he was ALWAYS throwing a tantrum. It's actually been really frusterating. Avaree never threw tantrums this bad this young. I think it is his lack of communication and he did get a mouth full of teeth all at once. He is doing better now but I couldn't go anywhere with him for a while there. It was too hard.

And if I did go somewhere... he needed 2 SUCKERS to entertain him! Any suggestions on how to deal with tantrums??


Francine said...

You do have such a cute little boy. I'm glad he is getting over his tantrums. Too bad we weren't able to catch up with you and Val today. We'll get 'em next time.

Brooke said...

He is really quite cute, Karlin!

DEE said...

SUCKA- always works.

Sara Decker said...

He is so cute and sweet, i can't imagine him throwing a tantrum. Let me know if you figure out a cure for tantrums!

janet said...

tantrums are totally normal.. especially before they can talk. My suggestion would be trying to do a little sign language with him. Check out signing time from the library.

and I CANNOT believe he is already 18 months! Where does the time go? I love little Weston. He is going to be a heartbreaker!

Di said...

Tyden is also a sucker face and his tantrums started way early too. Weston and Tyden seem like they could be good buds.