Sunday, April 13, 2008

Late Night

My friend, Janet, decided last minute to come from Vegas for the weekend and surprise her family. I was happy about her last minute decision because it meant that she got to stay with me on Friday night. She got in late, and of course we HAD to stay up and talk! We made ourselves go to bed at 4:00 am but easily could have stayed up all night. There is never a pause in our conversation. We can talk, and talk, and cry, and talk. Love all your great advice Janet!

Early Saturday morning... Francine and her family, and Azy came up for breakfast. We made delicious crepes. (we missed you Hillary) It is always emotionally rejuvinating for me to be with these girls but physically I am still exhausted. I can't do late nights anymore. I am looking forward to this week because Baylee and Griffin have Spring Break and it is supposed to be warm!


Janessa said...

How fun that you still get together and can still have conversations as if you were never apart. I love you girls. And you all look so beautiful.

summer said...

I LOVE fun weekends with fun friends... you are SO me pulling that late nighter. I love stuff like that but then regret it the next day when I am super grouchy!

melissa e. said...

Isn't it great to still have friends from way back?! Cute picutre of all you cute girls! Fun to see them.

...late nights are so hard after you pass 20!

melissa e. said...

...Oh and I laughed at your 3 comments on mine. Funny how that happens!

DEE said...

Why are you guys all so hot?

I still stay up late everynight. Isn't late anything past 9?

Best part of life- friends who never have a lull!

Party on!

janet said...

What a weekend!! I am still not recovered.. I am totally exhausted and can't wait to sleep in my bed tonight. But the crazy (and wonderful) thing is... I would do it all over again! SO good to see you.. I always leave a better person-- and at the same time still feel like we're still in jr high. Love you lots, BFF. LOL. Call me. Have a RAD summer!

ps. we DO look hot-- especially only after a few hours of sleep.