Friday, April 25, 2008

Good Bye Wes

Jason's brother, Wes, has been living with us for the past 4 months. He just left last Thursday to go sell alarm systems in Virginia for the Summer. We are seriously going to MISS having him around! I feel like I've lost a child. Wes fit in so well with all of us! He is very pleasant to be around. He is sweet, fun to talk too, easy going, and was appreciative of anything I cooked!

We had a lot of good discussions with the missionaries... Elder Langton and Elder Hickmott

We went out to dinner Wes's last night. Baylee and Griffin loved having a big brother around and Avaree became obsessed with Uncle Wes! Good luck Wes. We love and miss you.


janet said...

Wes is such a good guy.. hope things go well for him in Virginia. and I am sure it was awesome going through the discussions!

Tristie and Dax said...

Oh man, Karlin! You are such a babe for opening your home to everyone. You always have people over. I didn't realize Your bro-in-law lived there, too. How fun.

Tracy said...

You sure can see the resemblence between him and Jason!

karlin said...

You totally can, especially after he lived with us. They talk the same and walk the same.