Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Children's Museum @ Gateway

Today we met my friends Janet and Val at the Children's Museum at Gateway. It was actually my first time there. I've been wanting to take Avaree forever but never have. We have been missing out. It was awesome. There was SO much the for the kids to see and do. The only downfall was it was really crowded, maybe because it was snowing today. I jinxed the weather by saying it was going to be warm!

All the kids in a helicopter (except Zacky)

There was a ball zone so yes, Weston was in heaven!

Avaree loved playing in the water with this fish and BEWARE if you tried taking it from her!

Baylee and Griffin are good sports. (I am sure that was just how they wanted to spend their day off) We thought there might be a little more for older kids to do but there wasn't much.

I love all the pictures of Weston... I just had to post them all and notice Avaree is holding that fish in almost every picture.

My favorite part about the museum was hanging out with these two!


janet said...

the pictures of Weston are SO cute!! he is such a baller! and I didn't even notice Avaree with the fish. So funny! Bay and Griff were total troopers.. I love them! and the helicopter pic is so cute of everyone. fun, fun, fun!

California Roney's said...

Looks like you all had a great time! What a fun outing!

Tristie said...

I HAVE to take my kids there! We have a goal to visit every children's museum in the world...or maybe just in Utah. I can't believe we've never gone to the one there in S.L. That is so fun that you got to play with Janet and Val. Looks like a blast.

DEE said...

Childrens museum- such a grand idea! Audrey LOVES that place.