Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Griffin's Fourteen!

Since Griffin's Birthday is on Halloween. He gets a few days of celebrating...

10/30~ Jason and I took only Griffin out to dinner. He had just gotten his braces tightened the day before and his teeth were hurting so he chose Olive Garden hoping that pasta would be easy to eat but it still hurt. Poor guy.

10/31~ He spent his actual birthday playing and trick or treating with his friend Harrison.

11/1~ He took his friend, Bridger, to lunch and the movie Eagle Eye.

11/2~ We had our traditional family party and he FINALLY got to open his presents!

(avaree thinks every birthday is hers too)

Good things about Griffin:

~He is so obedient. He will do anything asked of him. I hope that my kids can learn this from him.
~He is smart and gets good grades. His teachers adore him.
~He is SO good with little children. No one can make my kids laugh like Griff.
~He is funny and very cute for a boy going through puberty. :)
~He has a righteous heart... he just earned his Duty to God award in Scouts, he served as the Deacons Quorum President and is now in the Teachers Quorum Presidency. Jason just ordained him a Teacher on Sunday, which was a special thing to witness. In the blessing Jason said, "what a great example he is to those around him especially his older siblings. He also mentioned, "how proud people on the other side were of him." I don't doubt that my Mom is SO proud of him and the kind of person he is becoming and has chosen to be.

We love Griff and are so glad he is a part of our family!!


janet said...

Happy Birthday Griffin! He is SUCH a sweet kid and such a great helper! I can't believe all that curly hair!! He's gonna be a chick magnet in a couple of years! so glad he had a fun celebration.

val said...

he looks so grown up. looks like he had a fun couple of days of celebrating. nice shoes!

Keri said...

happy birthday griffin! holy beard brady! wow!!!!