Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Petting Zoo

I've been sick with strep throat and it's been cold so we haven't been up to much. We did take advantage of the last fall day that we didn't need jackets and headed to the petting zoo... My kids always LOVE to see the animals and so do I actually.

this llama had a crush on baylee.

we were there at the perfect time. the horses hadn't been fed lunch yet so they were hungry and were eating from our hands. it was awesome. avaree was very brave!

enlarge this picture to see baylee's face.

i love this picture of weston and the cow.

Where has everyone been?? Has the blogging world seem slower to anyone else lately?? I guess it's that time of year!


Newmans said...

this fall weather has been SO nice. sorry about your strep, hope you're doing better. let's get together soon!

Cowan Family said...

I think you are the cutest Mom. You are always doing something fun with your kids. Call me some time. We are always up for something fun too. I totally want to get together.

janet said...

You are the cutest mom and are always doing something fun with all your kiddos! sorry to hear you've been sick. It's been a while since we've talked... hope you're feeling better soon!

kiks said...

I can't get over your adorable kids! Can you believe that I have only met Avery once? So weird. Next time your in So.Cal come by please.

Tracy the GREAT said...

I'm baaaaack! Yeah, right! Looks like fun. Get well soon so we can play!

Jill said...

I love how close the animals got to you guys! They never do that for us (probably cuz Parker is a cry baby). Way cute though. I hope you feel better!

Brooke said...

The picture of Weston and the cow is awesome!
Alec loves that petting zoo, but sadly we didn't make it there at all this fall (bummer).