Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lucky #7 Tag

I got tagged a few times so here goes...

7 things I can do:
1. clean my house (i'm obsessed)
2. do LOTS of laundry (and it will smell good and be folded nicely)
3. LOVE my kids and my family will all my heart
4. multi task... laundry, bathe kids, make a grocery list, plan den meetings, blog, etc. all at once.
5. SHOP anytime and anywhere. well almost, sometimes screaming, tired kids forces me to stop.
6. play piano
7. manage 6 people schedules and have BIG Sunday family dinners. (this one was hard for me at first but i'm getting pretty good at it now)

7 things I can NOT do:
1. sing. i've always been jealous of people who can.
2. dance. same thing as above... jealous of people who can.
3. touch my toes. i'm not flexible at all.
4. bite into an apple... thanks to tmj.
5. drink LIQUID medicine. it's nasty!
6. i can't stand having dirty children... they get a bath everyday!
7. scrapbook... that is why i love blogging.

7 things that attracted me to Jason:
1. tall, dark, and handsome!
2. unselfish, he has the BIGGEST heart and LOVES his family.
3. hard worker (little did I know how hard).
4. testimony and strength, jason has held to the rod and i love him for it.
5. funny... he is hilarious.
6. smart... i've said this before but he KNOWS everything about everything! no exaggeration. just ask him a question. i dare you.
7. jason is a man of INTEGRITY... seriously, how did i catch him??

7 things I say most:
1. no, avaree.
2. no, weston.
3. clean up, clean up everybody everywhere.
4. love you.
5. how was school? (to baylee and griffin)
6. how is your back feeling? (to jason)
7. what's the latest with the stock market and economy? (to jason)

7 celebrity admirations:
1. kelly ripa (she's a mom, she's funny, and has great style)
2. reese witherspoon and
3. jennifer aniston (they both great style and class)
4. will ferrell, ben stiller, and vince vaughn (how can you NOT laugh at a movie with any of these guys in it?)
5. sarah mclachan, neil diamond, cold play... anyone who can sing, dance, and play an instrument is pretty impressive to me.
6. glenn beck and mitt romney (i'm pretty much fascinated by mormon celebs)
7. and of course the church leaders but seriously how can you people not have any celebrity admirations? there are a lot of talented people out there.

7 favorite foods:
1. homemade bread with homemade jam
2. white sticky rice
3. dr pepper
4. warm chocolate chip cookies
5. fruit smoothie made by jason
6. chips and salsa
7. fresh pineapple

there you have it. join in on the tag if you'd like!


kiks said...

fun to learn new things about you. I too am obsessed with good ol' Glen Beck. I didn't know he was Mormon. Jason is a good catch, but he was just as lucky when he landed you too!

Tristie or Dax said...

fun to know little tidbits about people. how do you keep your house clean. it is huge. i can barely keep 800 square feet clean. i guess i should try harder.

janet said...

This is a fun tag. I love your list of things you love about your hubby. I think I knew most of it (except for your liking of sticky rice.)

Harbach Family said...

Rice, dr pepper, Chips and salsa... I think thats what we lived on when we were in school. We came up with some really random food ideas. The old days..ha!

Tracy the GREAT said...

For fun. I love learning different things about you. I feel like I've known you forever. And here I thought you were Zena, Princess Warrior. You're human?

Francine said...

I loved reading this- just like everyone else. Adam and I were just talking tonight about you and Jason and how the two of you just work as a couple. It started with the movie The Breakup- it was on tv. It's funny you mention Vince Vaughn because he was in it. I think he's funny but he did a lot of yelling in that movie. Anyway after it was over, Adam and I were talking about it because I didn't really like it and Adam didn't very much either. He asked me what our story would be like as a movie and then we started talking about other couples, etc... and you and Jason came up. So it was fun for me to read about what you had to say about Jason and to back up what Adam and were talking about not more than an hour ago- that you are perfect for each other.

We never got strep. I didn't want you to worry. I hope you are feeling better.

Di said...

The clean up song works like a charm only mine ends in "everybody do your share" :) Fun to get to know you better.