Monday, November 3, 2008


Griffin was a halloween baby because he was born on Halloween!! Happy Birthday Griff!! (more to come)

Baylee turned a pumpkin garbage bag into a cute costume.

I was a doc and Jason was my patient. (my costume was a little boys size 6-8... does anyone have a child that would like to borrow it next year?)

LOVE my lady bug and chicken!! I can't get enough of those cute faces.


janet said...

I just love your family. I remember the day Griff was born... we had an early morning student government meeting in 9th grade. He is such a good kid.

Baylee makes a garbage bag look HOT! And Weston and Avaree are just too cute. Avaree is loving the camera lately and is so photogenic.

And last but not least I need to comment on your music. I love it. It's been on at my house all day. Now I have to go and clean out my garage and I want to take my laptop with me so I can still listen to your tunes!

Azy said...

looks like you had so many fun halloween adventures!! your kids are adorable so freaking adorable! I am so sad i missed franny's partay and even more sad i slept through & forgot about saturday nights dinner plans. Got everyones messages just a tad too late. I feel awful and for some reason that means i haven't called anyone back. but i will call you soon and i miss you girlies!

Keri said...

love that you can fit into a little boys costume, i wouldn't have fit in that costume when i was in kindergarten! you're so tiny. you and avaree will be sharing clothes soon :)

Di said...

Cute costumes... I got a little girl costume one time, but that would never happen anymore... you are one skinny little thing.