Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome Tate!

My sweet cousin Loni and her hubby Troy live around the corner from us. Troy works with Jason and they are our good, loyal friends. Last year Loni carried her first baby full term and he was born stillborn (every Mother's fear). It's been so heartbreaking to see them go through this but I'm so happy to announce that just a little over a year later they welcomed their second baby boy into this world. They delivered him early to be safe and he was still 9 lbs 3 oz. Can you believe it? I got to meet him the other night and he has such a sweet spirit. You just look at him and realize what a miracle he is! Congrats Troy and Loni. We love you and know how ready you are to be amazing parents!


janet said...

what a cutie! So glad he arrived safe and sound!

The Domina's said...

Karlin you're so sweet. We really appreciate you guys a ton. We couldn't have gotten through this past year without your love and support. Love you guys!