Monday, November 3, 2008

Party #1

We didn't do much trick or treating this year because...
1. it was raining
2. we have a lot of candy already and
3. Princess Leia and Hans Solo were in town from Vegas so we had to go SEE them!

The spider family through a great party and won for best costumes (in my opinion). The food was a hit with homemade pumpkin bread bowls and green finger breadsticks. Kids played hard and late and we left WAY too tired!!


janet said...

Fran's family def won the best costumes... in everyone's opinion. But Hill's was most definitely the sexiest.

It was fun to see you. One of my boys may want your doc costume!

Francine said...

It was so fun to have your family at our last minute, thrown together Halloween party. I thought yours and Jason's costumes were very fitting in light of recent events- his back surgery.

LOVE the new song- Cure Just Like Heaven. It totally makes me want to dance.

val said...

the kessler family costumes were great. i've got a smile on my face just thinking about weston totally sweating to death in his chicken costume but he wasn't ready to take it off. what a cutie. it was fun to hang out. see you tomorrow??