Monday, March 10, 2008

Being Better...

I have been thinking a lot the past couple of weeks about raising children, especially teenagers, in this scary world. I think the Lord gives us experiences to humble us and force us to reflect about what is most important in life. I have been humbled recently. I haven't necessarily been doing anything "wrong". I just know I could do things BETTER. I feel so blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I don't know how I could raise my children without it? The gospel standards are not to be taken lightly. I feel like (for myself) it is SO important to teach the gospel in my home and have spiritual moments with my children as often as I can. It is our responsibility to prepare the children in our homes for the future and for trials they will soon face. It is important. I am learning as I go but I will not be naive to what is out there. I know for myself if I expect my children to live a certain way... I need to live that way. I need to be better at reading my scriptures and attending the temple. It's hard sometimes to fit in but I need to prioritize. (I don't mean to sound preachy... this post is more for me)

On Saturday night, we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown as a family. (one of my favorites) After dinner walked around Temple Square and watched the Joseph Smith movie at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Me and my kids on the temple grounds. I love Temple Square. It is so beautiful and such a neat place to walk around as a family. Avaree was fascinated by the BIG beautiful white building! She kept telling everyone that Jesus built the temple!

All in all it was a much needed, fun, spiritual night with the people I care most about!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I need to do more, and you have inspired me.

The Shupe Ohana said...

What a good post! i also need to prioritize! mom and dad said they saw you at the movie, how fun! i need to go see that again.