Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dinner @ Ruth's Chris

It was a night of fine dining with fine company!!

Katherine and Jim Cottrell... Happy Birthday Jim!! Thanks for spoiling us and TREATING us all. It was supposed to be the other way around. Next time, right?

Dave and Jen Evans.
Gotta love fun date nights and I LOVE my live in babysitters!


DEE said...

Gosh Karlin- that was fast! I was just here, and left your page for one minute, came back and there's a new post!

I bet dinner was good- I'm a food-a-holic. That's a HOT restaurant huh!


janet said...

Love nights like this!! Not that we ever go to fancy restaurants... but we sure would if someone else paid the bill! jk. You are lucky to have such great built in babysitters-- and you deserve the nights out w/o kids! miss you guys...

when are you coming for a visit? it's in the 80's here.. come on down!!

Todd, Janelle & Sydney said...

I'm jealous, what a date night!