Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Azy!

Adreann is one of those friends in my life that was meant to be! We met our sophmore year in highschool and I adored her. I thought she was SO cool and I wanted to know her and be her friend. By the end of highschool she was one of my BEST friends. After highschool we were together non stop. We worked together and moved out together. In fact, I would have never moved out and went away for school if it weren't for Azy. It was our freshman year of college that we met Jason together. (She actually dated Jason first) I'm glad I won him but I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for her. We have a lot of great memories and have been through a lot together. We can go months without talking but I can say that we have been there for eachother for every BIG event that has happened in our lives since we met. I love you Azy!! Whoever wins your heart one day is going to be a lucky man! Happy 28th! (I actually have a lot of funny pictures of the 2 of us but I couldn't get my scanner to work)


Azy said...

Karlin!!! your a doll! thanks so much for the cute blog of yours! I am so so lucky for having a best friend like you! love you tonz!!

janet said...

happy Birthday Aze! I wish I was there for all the birthday celebrations (and to help care for Fran..) Azy is beautiful, sweet, funny and has an adorable laugh! I miss everyone!