Friday, March 14, 2008

Poor Lainey

WARNING...This is SAD! I officially have the sweetest, prettiest chocolate lab ever named Lainey. She is almost 5 years old and she has been so sick. We noticed that she had an ear infection earlier this week so I took her into the vet on Wednesday (actually my brother, Brady did because I couldn't) and they ended up keeping her there overnight to do surgery first thing in the morning. She had the WORST ear infection they've ever seen, an ulcer on the cornea of her eye, and a yeast infection on her face. The poor dog! She is miserable and I'm miserable seeing her like this. She has to wear that cone for 2 weeks and I have 5 different medications to give her twice a day. Seriously?? Dogs are like another child. She should fully recover but right now she is in pretty bad shape!

How sad is that?

She really is the best dog with kids! Avaree and Weston pull her tail, hit her, climb on her and she lets them. I try to teach them to be nice and soft but they love to tease her. She wouldn't hurt a fly and that is no lie!

Look at those eyes... she is normally SO pretty!

P.S. It is snowing right now! I am so ready for SPRING!!


janet said...

OH... Poor Lainey! She is the sweetest, best dog ever and I feel so bad for her!! My boys have totally gone through withdrawls and want a dog so bad! But I am just afraid I won't get one as sweet as her! Hopefully she gets better soon!!! You don't need the extra chaos.

ps. it's SO beautiful here.. We have gotten sunburned everyday at the park.. wearing shorts! Doesn't that make you want to come visit?? come on down, girl!

RaeLynn said...

Oh my gosh--you weren't kidding. That is so sad! I agree--NO MORE SNOW. I am sick to death of it. I hope Lainey gets better very soon. (Especially because as the one who takes care of her, that is exhausting for YOU).

Anonymous said...

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Annie J said...

Hi Karlin! So sorry to hear about your beautiful dog! I love labs, especially chocolate and golden retrievers. If we ever get a dog we would get one of those. I hope she gets better soon!

Tristie said...

Ok, I am usually not into dogs but my heart really goes out to her. You can see the sadness and "I don't feel good" look in her eyes. so sorry.