Saturday, March 8, 2008


I'm SO excited about some of the deals I just got that I had to share. There is a warehouse in Salt Lake with a ton of crap and random stuff called NPS. They sell everything from food to furniture to clothes to junk. You have to really look to find treasures. My 2 aunts that are designers go there regulary looking for deals and they came across some darling dresses (that were small) so they called me up. I'm so grateful for my personal shoppers!

Real leather bag for 20 bucks

Earnest Sewn jeans (that fit me!) for 30 bucks

BCBG dress for $35

Here is the price tag!

I actually got a handful of dresses because they were ALL 70% off the sale price and I got some shoes. It was a good shopping spree for me! Baylee scored too.


Shannon said...

What awesome finds! I will have to go check it out some time!

Sara Decker said...

Fun stuff. New purchases are the greatest thing ever, especially when they are all on sale. Love the purse.

Janessa said...

I love good deals. Thanks for the tip. There is a store kind of like that in Farmington. You can get all sorts of stuff for really cheap.