Saturday, March 15, 2008

Griff's Basketball Season

Griffin's basketball season just came to an end. His team didn't have the best record but they did awesome in the tournament. They had some intense games... and made it to the championship but unfortunately lost by 3. It was too bad because they were winning most of the game. Griffin had a great season. He plays point guard (#10) and is a great ball handler. I have some naturally talented siblings when it comes to sports. It's been fun to watch the games and see them progress!


DEE said...

It's soo good to see the KERR genes are still hoopin it up!!! Play on PLAYA!

karlin said...

Oh Dee... good ol 9th grade basketball! Baylee (my sister) actually just finished her 9th grade season. She is actually good though, A LOT better than me! We had fun though, right?

DEE said...

We did have fun! Good Old Corch Coatney- life wouldn't be the same without that kind of a rolemodel :)