Thursday, September 25, 2008

Avaree's 4th Birthday

My little girl is 4! I love to celebrate birthdays. We had a full, fun filled day and here are A LOT of pictures to prove it...

We started the day off at Build-a-Bear workshop. (It was nice for me to get out of the house for a couple of hours while Jason rested.)

First, Avaree and Weston chose a bear and watched them stuff it.

Avaree was so giddy and excited! She's been looking forward to her special day for a while.

Second, she put a heart in her bear.

Third, they gave their bears baths, brushed their hair, and picked outfits for them.

Ringing the birthday bell.

The finished products, so cute!

Then Avaree went to preschool. She brought her favorite book, Horton Hatches The Egg, for show and tell and treats to share with her class.

Weston and I got balloons for her while she was in school.

She came home and licked the bowl of cupcake batter clean.

We opened presents and blew out candles in bed by Dad.

She wished Dad would get better because she "loves him".

Dinner at CPK.

Avaree and Aspen.

It was fun but not the same without Jason.

Front row at the CIRCUS!

The elephants were my favorite except for when you sit front row you can really smell their poop.

Thanks for celebrating with us Wright's!

Fun facts about Avaree...

chocolate milk
her silky blankets
being the BOSS
playing make believe (she is always pretending to be a dog, cat, baby, or something)
reading books and learning her letters
helping me cook

bees or any kind of bug
regular milk
mashed potatoes
snarly hair
bad dreams
when Weston splashes her or hits her
anything mint flavored

Avaree has so much personality and we are so glad she is part of our family!!


Brooke said...

Wow! What a fun day! I love that Build-a-Bear has a birthday bell!

Brooke said...

Wow- what a fun packed, full day! Alec loves build-a-bear too. Avaree is so dang cute! and has a really fun mom who would do all those things for her on her birthday.

lyn said...

Happy Birthday Avaree! It looks like you had an amazing day!

Tracy said...

I can't believe she's four already! It looks like she had a great birthday!

That picture of Jason and her made me feel so sad for him! I hope he is feeling better really soon.

janet said...

She is FOUR going on FOURTEEN! I love that girl and was thinking about her on her birthday!! I still remember staying up with her during the night when she was 2 days old and being in AWE of what a beautiful baby she was. She had (and still has) a beautiful, round face with gorgeous brown eyes and eyelashes. She is totally a spitfire little girl and comes up with the cutest ideas and phrases! Glad you were able to have a fun day together! Love you guys!

Tracy the GREAT said...

wow- you did have a full day. she will remember it forever. the circus is so great, isn't it?

Azy said...

oh wow! you Kesslers really know how to PARTY! Avaree is one lucky 4yr old!

cory and tara said...

Happy Birthday Avaree! You are such a little doll. Looks like tons of FUN!!!

Newmans said...

What a fun b-day! She is such a doll!!

DEE said...

Happy Birthday! That is so funny that Hayden and Avaree have the same birthday! The circus looked like a blast!

Winder Love said...

You are an awesome mom! Looks like you guys had a really fun day!

kennyandkristin said...

Happy late Birthday to Avaree. Aspen told us all about the circus and spending time with Avaree. Looks like you had fun minus the elephant poop. I was totally jealous of your front row seating until I heard that. Thankfully our tickets were a few row back from that.