Monday, September 29, 2008

Azy's Hitched!

The night before Jason's surgery we attended a beautiful, much anticipated wedding of one of my best friends, Adreann! The wedding was held at Sundance and it was serene. Azy has great taste.

the beautiful bride.

chris + azy

bff's... how many years has it been? since we were little school girls and soccer players. wait, azy still is a soccer player.

the fab five. happy birthday to fran and jan!! love you guys.

my cousin's wife works with azy. small world.

the last picture before jason became a changed man with a new back. if he only had a clue of what he was about to go through...


summer said...

Azy is really darling and I LOVED her dress!!! I can't believe that Avaree is 4! She is getting too big!!!

Tracy the GREAT said...

You'll be back doing those fun things in noooo time.... :) You look beautiful. You always do!

Joel * Michelle * Tyler said...

Karlin, I hadn't read your blog in a week or so and boy, you've had a rough few weeks. I am so sorry for Jason with all he's been through. I hope things go much better for your family soon.

That's so awesome Avaree and I have the same BDay. We always went to the circus for my bday growing up and we still do now. Looks like she had a fun day.

Stephanie said...

Azy made such a beautiful bride! I think that is great that all of you girls have stayed so close, you are all beautiful. You guys have had a busy few weeks. Hope that Jason gets better soon and that you sweet Averee had a Happy abirthday!

Shannon said...

She looks beautiful! Sundance is such an awesome place for a wedding!

I hope your hubby is feeling better and that you are having a great week!

Winder Love said...

How awesome!! She looks so pretty! I am excited for her. I will have to let Greg know she got hitched.

janet said...

it was a beautiful wedding!

And although you didn't know how HARD the next day (week, month) would be after Jason's surgery.. you were as prepared as you could have been. I know you were really anxious that night.. and Jason was a trooper for coming! It was good to see you for the minute that we did!

hope you get some rest soon.

Angie said...

Karlin - Wow you have had a week or two! i hope Jason is feeling better. There is nothing worse than a sick husband! I can not believe that our little girls are 4. We are headed to build a bear also. I couldn't pull off a birthday party after my last week. I don't know if you have heard but james got his mission call. He is headed to Bogogta Colombia north Mission leaving December 19th! AHHHH!!! Love ya and prayers are with jason.

Brooke said...

I've always thought that Azy was such a beautiful girl- but she really makes a gorgeous bride.

I hope that Jason is starting to see/feel some improvement.

melissa e. said...

Congrats to Azy. What a beautiful bride. You look great too, as always.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your good hubby.

Did you end up finding a surgeon you like?

Azy said...

just flew in this morning from the honeymoon! thanks for the sweet post. i love the pics! i am glad that Jason is doing better. I wish him a quick recovery!