Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pope Joan

I've read a few books sitting in hospital rooms over the past year (Jason's discectomy, Griffin's appendicitis, and then Jason's fusion.) My latest read was Pope Joan.

Don't judge this book by it's cover. I personally think it looks boring but it was very interesting and fast paced. It's a historical fiction about a women who disguised herself as a man and became Pope. It was fascinating to read about life in the eighth century and how this woman rose above against great odds. I'm not a feminist by any means but I do like to see women suceed and this book helps women to realize their full potential. I hear there is a movie in the works and I even think Jason would watch it because it has war, love, politics, history, sadness, and triumph. Anyway I recommend it and if you choose to read it... you'll have to let me know if you think she really existed.


Azy said...

i always love a good book. but my favorite thing is to start a book get half way or more through it and put it down. I finally finished my first book in ages "the secret life of bees". They also made a movie of it and its coming out on the 17th. It touches a lot on racism and slightly feminism as well. But has a great story line of a younger girl discovering herself. I'll have to pick up your book next and i actually saw a play that reminds me a lot of your book already. Okay so i am rambling on today... lets talk soon

LBP said...

I think the last book I read was Moby Dick in High School because Mr. Bickmore got mad at me for playing Tetrus on my sweet TI-82 calculator.

Cowan Family said...

Okay Karlin, You are one AMAZING girl. I can't believe how much you have to deal with. You are so happy and so positive too. I'm sad we lost touch for so long. I loved talking to you about all the fun we had. I totally forgot about that halloween and it was one of the best too. If you ever need anything let me know. I'm SERIOUS. I'm a great babysitter too. Let's keep in touch and hang out some time. It would be so fun.

Will you email me again from your email so I can invite you to my blog. It didn't give me your email address.