Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gardner Village

We met friends today for a playgroup at Gardner Village.
Weston was so excited when he got on the pony but he freaked out when it started moving and almost fell off. At least they gave me my money back.

Avaree liked it and had to be on the biggest horse.

We were checking out a witch and I looked down at Weston and he had both his hands covering his eyes (like he was scared) and he was peeking through his fingers. It was so cute. I wish I had it on camera.

Avaree INSISTED that I take a picture with this witch. She liked the green brew.

Gardner Village is my kind of place... cute shops and yummy baked goods. I want to go back when I can actually shop!


kennyandkristin said...

We were there on Tuesday! I love to walk around Gardner Village. I love Motif and the cute baby store. You should go back on Witches NIght out next Friday. They are open really late, have tons of deals and you can leave the kids home in bed. Cute pictures!

Cowan Family said...
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Brooke said...

I love the decorations there this time of year. Have you ever done witches night out there? It's a blast (and a fun girls night out).

DEE said...

WOW! Losts of new posts- you've been busy!!

California Roney's said...

I love all the pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!