Monday, October 6, 2008

Weston's 2nd Birthday

Saturday, Oct 4th was Weston's Birthday! We celebrated the best we could between conference sessions...

starting with Carls Jr for lunch

fascinated with his new toy

nothing like a good burger

after we headed to See's candy for a sweet treat

I also had my neighbors kids (Sydney and Cooper) all weekend. Avaree followed them around for 3 days straight. She thought she was so big.

During the priesthood session I took the kids to the Kids Barn so they could bounce. Weston LOVES to JUMP and BOUNCE. He jumps around the house all day long. I love his concentration face.

After we were worn out from bouncing we met up with the guys at Applebee's for a late dinner.

I learned what it would be like to have SIX kids this weekend!

Bday boy dessert

We had cupcakes and opened presents on Sunday. I couldn't get Weston to sit still for a picture but Avaree was happy too.

She decorated Weston's gift with polka dots.

It was so cute Weston whispered the word blow as he was blowing out his candles.

After his bday song he jumped around and clapped.

We celebrated Uncle Wes's bday too.

Playing with bday presents the next day is the best part!!

Weston Likes~

chocolate milk
boats, cars, trucks, and trains
books and animals
playing in water
any food

getting dressed
getting his diaper changed
getting his haircut
getting his fingernails clipped
anything that holds him back
being told no
when Avaree takes his toys or food

I honestly didn't think I could have another child with as much personality as Avaree but I do. Weston is his own guy and can hold his own. He is ALL boy and I'm so grateful he is my son even if we don't know where he came from (meaning his blonde hair). After this uplifting conference weekend I am trying hard to "find joy in my journey". And my children bring me much JOY!


Brooke said...

Wow- your kids' birthdays are close together. Weston sure is a cutie! I hope he had a great day.
(Alec loves the kidbarn too.)

melissa e. said...

Wow, and no poo on the crib?? Happy birthday to MOMMA!

karlin said...

don't worry Melissa. he has not spread poo because i've had onsies on him for a straight month except yesterday i forgot to put it on him and he spread it everywhere! not to mention avaree threw up all over her bed and mine. yep, you gotta love those days.

janet said...

Look at you, cleaning up poo and throw up, being a nurse to your hubby, watching other kids AND throwing parties like it's going out of style.

Looks like a FUN weekend!! We were thinking of Weston on his big day! I remember when he was born-- and it seems like a long time ago to me! He has such a cute personality and looks darling in that brown sweater. I love that he whispered blow. so cute!

val said...

i love that avaree stood in as a sub for his bday photos.
wow on the 6 kids!!
weston looks so cute in his brown sweater.
happy day weston!

Harbach Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WESTON! He is so dang cute! I love the likes and dislikes.. I might have to copy you. Its so fun to read them.